Purse-snatcher targeting the elderly in Laurel County

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Authorities say there have been at least 5 purse snatchings in Laurel County recently.

2 happened on Friday, and the thief or thieves appear to be targeting the elderly.

"He rang the door-bell and I thought it was one of my grandsons," said 94 year-old Beulah Cassidy.

But it was not Cassidy's grandson at the door around noon on Friday.

It was a man Cassidy says was posing as a water company employee.

"He didn't give no name," Cassidy said, "said he was checking water -that the lines was weak in places."

The elderly Laurel County resident, who lives alone, let the man inside her home.

She says the tall, slender white man in his 30's and wearing a ball-cap was even carrying a clip-board to look the part.

"He was pretending to write," Cassidy said.

He went into a back room to check her faucets, then left.

Once he was gone, Cassidy noticed her purse had been unzipped and her wallet was gone. The wallet included her i.d., pictures, and about $80.00.

The Laurel County Sheriff's Department along with London police are investigating several other incidents involving a similar suspect driving a dark-colored pick-up truck.

Another elderly person was robbed in London city limits around four Friday afternoon.

Cassidy hopes the man is caught soon, and she feels lucky he did not hurt her.

Authorities say there are no suspects at this time, but they are following several leads.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Laurel County authorities.

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