Coach Cal to soon reveal dinner guest

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A Lexington businessman is the highest bidder in a "Hoops for Haiti" online auction for dinner at Coach John Calipari's home. The bidder's name has yet to be revealed but Coach Cal says he is from Kentucky and is a "good guy." Ashley Judd will also be a guest at the dinner.

The online auction for the dinner with Coach Cal was part of the massive "Hoops for Haiti" fundraising effort. The winning bid was $98,100. The bidder also won a private plane ride to Cleveland to meet LeBron James and go to a Cavaliers game.

The menu for the dinner at the Calipari's Lexington home has not yet been revealed but we've been told that Ashley Judd's personal chef will be handling it.

Coach Cal says the lucky winner will get to see exactly what lies behind the giant wall that has been built beside his Richmond Road home but will have to keep it a secret so that he can come back for dinner at another time.

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