Three Lexington Murder Cases In Court Today

Three different high profile Lexington murder cases will all be back in court this afternoon.

John Todd is accused of killing his wife and holding his brother hostage at a newspaper office.

Todd pleaded not guilty to the charge earlier this month and is in court today for a status hearing.

Police arrested Todd in March after he turned himself in for shooting his wife, 48-year-old Charlene Lynn Todd, in the couple's home.

Also in court today, a Lexington eye doctor is facing murder charges.

Prosecutors say Micheal Flick shot two former co-workers in May of 2005.

Christine Wittich died, but her boyfriend Dr. Randall Lambirth, survived and is expected to testify against Flick.

Flick's also charged with attempted murder and burglary.

And Cynthia Wallace will appear in court at 1:00 pm as well, being charged with killing her mother.

Investigators say Wallace neglected her mother, Wanda Wallace, so badly the 79-year-old woman died.

Wallace, who has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, has previously pleaded not guilty.

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