Dangers Of Repossessing Cars

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"I had somebody actually pull a gun on me."

Coby Sparks has been repossessing cars for a living for 30 years.

"I've always been worried about my safety."

But after learning David Smith was killed while repossessing a car last night, safety has become even more of a priority. Sparks works for Tri City Auto and says if someone defaults on a car loan they are given several chances to make it right before their car is repossessed. At Tri City they keep master keys for all the vehicles they sell in the event they have to take it back.

"If you've got a good set of keys then we just walk up to the vehicle and just take off with it. Sometimes you may get away with it. Sometimes you may not."

He says sometimes car owners will come out and confront them, thinking they are stealing the car, and that is where the risk comes in. But Sparks says what happened last night should have never happened, even if the car was being stolen.

"It doesn't give somebody the right to kill somebody."

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