One-on-one with winner of Coach Cal dinner, Paul Orberson

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Earlier this weeks the Hoops for Haiti auctions ended that allowed people to bid on a number of items. WKYT's Tamara Evans talks to the big winner of the dinner with Coach Calipari and Ashley Judd, catered by her personal chef.

Lexington businessman Paul Orberson, the President and CEO of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, is the big winner of a dinner with Coach Calipari and his family and Ashley Judd, which will be catered by her personal chef.

The winning bid was for more than $98,000 dollars.

"I've seen her movies and have paid my $7.00 or $8.00 dollars to go watch her, so it will probably be a little bit different for me and my wife to eat with her", says Paul Orberson.

Orberson and friend Tom Mills decided to bid on EBay for Hoops for Haiti auction items. The money will be used to help the country hit hard by a recent earthquake.

"We were sneaky. I was trying to be incognito and we wanted to run the bidding to $100,000 dollars but ultimately Tommy was doing the bidding for me and we couldn't even get it to $100,000. It stopped at $98,000 dollars so I went ahead and gave him $100,000 and I told Coach Cal and Martin Newton, who helped this come together, I wanted to give $100,000 dollars.

While Orberson took home the dinner with Coach Cal, who he calls a good friend, he says Tom Mills won the trip to meet LeBron James during a playoff game.

Paul Orberson says it was an auction he truly wanted to help with to benefit a great cause.

"I know it's a bad time and hurting time for a lot of us in this country. I'm very respectful of that, but we're still very wealthy compared to some of the folks over there so it's great to be able to help them", says Paul Orberson.

Overall, Hoops for Haiti has raised more than a $1.5 million dollars.

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