Bin Laden claims airline bomb attempt, threatens more attacks on U.S.

CAIRO (AP) - The State Department calls it an attempt to
"appear relevant."
In a new audio message that's yet to be authenticated, Osama bin
Laden is claiming responsibility for the Christmas Day attempt to
bomb a passenger jet headed for Detroit.
The al-Qaida leader refers to the alleged bomber Umar Farouk
Abdulmutallab (OO'-mahr fah-ROOK' ahb-DOOL'-moo-TAH'-lahb) as a
"heroic warrior" following the example of the Sept. 11 hijackers.
He threatens more attacks against U.S. targets as long as
Washington continues to support Israel.
The State Department says there's no indication that bin Laden
or other top al-Qaida figures had anything to do with the Christmas
Day plot. Spokesman P.J. Crowley says al-Qaida offers "strategic
guidance" and relies on affiliates to carry it out.
Abdulmutallab has told federal agents he had been trained and
given the explosives by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, an
offshoot in Yemen.

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