Haitian church helps members cope with losses

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It's been a difficult time for a Haitian church here in Kentucky.

Many members of Praise Tabernacle in Lexington have loved ones who were hurt or killed in the earthquake, while others are still waiting to hear from family in Haiti.

A handful of church members, most originally from Haiti, gathered for support.

"It's really hard and painful," said church member Elchanan Fontaine, "I lost one of my uncles, and I got one cousin and she lose both of her legs."

Fontaine, an international student at U-K, says his parents lived through the earthquake, but lost everything.

"The only thing you can think about is them sleeping in the street," said Fontaine.

The pastor of Praise Tabernacle says it is prayer that has helped his family and other church members get through this difficult time.

"We ask God to give us strenth," said Pastor Paul Dumay.

Pastor Dumay says many church members still don't know the fate of their loved ones back in Haiti.

"We have a lot of people missing, we don't know anything about them," Dumay said.

In the days to come Dumay says they will continue to have faith, and to pray for those in Haiti.

"We need God to help," Dumay said.

Praise Tabernacle has about 35 members.

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