People Wait In Line For Hours; Hoping To Snag An iPhone

The much anticipated latest release from apple hit the shelves today, and some just did some serious waiting to get their hands on it.

People in the Lexington area waited in long lines at eager to get a hold of the iPhone.

Some took left work early, and others took the entire day off. One thirteen year-old even mowed lawns to save up money to buy one.

A line wrapped around the Lexington AT&T store; hours before it even opened.

The first person in line told WKYT he'd spent the night in the parking lot to make sure he was the first in the area to get one.

When people did get a chance inside they wasted no time.

The iPhone sold out in just over an hour.

The lucky ones say it was worth the wait.

"I've been out here for about 30 hours. It's just such a relief is really all it is," Kevin Kloeker a man in line for the iPhone said." I sound like a complete dork for saying this but it's what I've been waiting for for about seven months."

The phone alone costs anywhere from five to $600, and monthly service plans start around $60 a month.

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