Heavy rain washes out road, leads to state of emergency

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While many living in Estill County are used to high waters along the Kentucky river, the flooding has caused an unusual problem along rural Congleton Road.

The County Judge Executive, Wallace Taylor, says about 60 feet of the roadway has washed into a creek. Taylor declared a State of Emergency.

Most of Monday was spent trying to build a temporary road to get local traffic through.

Taylor says it will take 100 thousand dollars to make permanent repairs.

The damaged road has left a few stranded, one of the reasons crews were working all day to create a fix.

Folks living near the Kentucky River on Red Lick Road say the flooding today isn't too bad, however the road is blocked.

"This happens about three times a year," explained Mike Bicknell, a farmer who has riverfront property.

While the water forced him to move his cows to higher ground, he says he'd rather have the rare January flood than one later in the year.

"A June wave, or March.... that washes mud on the grass and then you have to hope for more rain to wash it off. It can be bad."

Other roads that are blocked due to high water include Dark Hollow and Murphy's Ford.

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