Car plows through side of gas station

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Tonya Henry says she stood just feet from the spot where a car lands into the side of the BP gas station where she works.

"I didn't really know what had happened at first," says Henry.

The accident happened around 10:00 Monday morning at the Winchester BP gas station off of Bypass Road at Fulton Road. The driver reportedly had just gotten into another accident and was getting her information for police.

"Well we'd actually looked out earlier and seen that there was a wreck with a KU truck and heard a noise, looked back out and the vehicle was parked in the building," says Lt. Bryan Howard with Winchester Fire.

The driver reportedly hit the gas instead of the brake. Fortunately, the fire station sits just across the street and three firefighters were already inside the store.

"Normally we're not there when it happens, so it made is easier on the other customers know we was already there," says Paul Manning, a firefighter with Winchester Fire.

As for Henry, this isn't the first time she's had a close call with danger while on the job. Several months ago, a semi-truck almost hit a gas pump there.

No one was reported injured in the crash.

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