Georgetown mayor under investigation

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Georgetown Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames calls it a family issue, but her brother says it is that, plus it's political.

"She is afraid that somehow me sitting on city council will hurt her as mayor, said Keith Tingle."

Saturday afternoon Tingle says his sister came to his Georgetown home mad that he had filed his papers to run for city council. He says it escalated to Tingle-Sames slamming his front door in his face as she left. Tingle's wife called police to report the incident.

"She came and made a big scene in our front yard and then hit my husband's nose and made a big mark on it," Tingle's wife told the dispatcher.

Monday afternoon Mayor Tingle-Sames released this statement when questioned by 27NEWSFIRST. "It is a family issue. This is nothing more than a disagreement between my brother and me over a family matter. At the present time, our family is dealing with my mother being sick and is now in the hospital. This is a private family matter, I love my brother, he loves me and we work through family issues. No other comments are needed."

However, Keith Tingle says it's more than that.

"She does not want me on council at all, she wants free reign for four years."

Tingle says he is a Democrat and his sister is a Republican.

I agree with her on many issues, but I also disagree with her on many issues, said Tingle.

Kentucky state police confirmed Monday they have an open investigation into the domestic violence case after Georgetown police passed it on to them citing a conflict of interest.

The Scott county attorney will now decide whether charges will be filed. Calls to the office were not returned on Monday. Tingle says he does not want charges filed, but wants to be left alone by his sister.

"Yes, I am running for city council no matter what," said Tingle.

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