Snow causes dozens of morning crashes

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With cars turned upside down and others stranded in ditches, drivers stuck in traffic had plenty of reminders that they were the lucky ones. For Samantha Bailey the morning commute had her ready to throw in the towel. "I work in Frankfort, and I'm really contemplating just turning around and going home now," Bailey says.

Janet Vogel's morning was even worse. "I was coming on the road, and I just started sliding, and 'cause it was on a slant I kept sliding, and I didn't want to hit the people in front of me, so I turned into the curb and flipped my car," Vogel tells 27 Newsfirst.

Emergency workers had their hands full responding to more than thirty accidents across Lexington. City leaders say crews began pre-treating the roads just before midnight Monday, but the salt brine solution is primarily a defense against ice.

They say when it comes to snow, rock salt will get shoved aside by cars on clear roads, so they need to wait for at least a little accumulation, but in this case, that accumulation came at the worst possible time: right at the height of rush hour. School leaders say before the buses left in the morning, there wasn't a single flake on the ground. No one was hurt on this bus, but the slick roads snuck up on a lot of drivers.