Teacher injured in hit-and-run

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A Central Kentucky teacher is in serious condition at UK Hospital after being hit by a car.

The incident happened Monday night at the corner of 8th Street and Main Street in Paris. The teacher, 43-year-old Caroline Kirkpatrick was hit as she was exiting her vehicle. The driver of the truck that hit her was a 16-year-old girl.

Police tell 27 NEWSFIRST the girl fled the scene, and the victim, who's a teacher at Cane Ridge Elementary in Paris, staggered into Bluegrass Billiards where people reported seeing blood on her face.

"It kind of looked like road rash or a scar and she had a mark under her eye and her hair was messed up", says James Pryor.

At the same time this was happening, Kirkpatrick's fiance, whom she was supposed to be meeting, was looking for her. He called 911 when he noticed her belongings near her car, and she wasn't around.

"I think I might have a missing person. Send somebody over right away please. I found her phone in the parking lot here, her hat is here and it's dirty....", her fiance told dispatchers.

Kirkpatrick is listed in serious condition at UK hospital.

"We just found out yesterday and it was a very big shock that something this awful would happen to such a wonderful person. Our hearts just go out to her. Caroline is just an amazing friend and would go above and beyond for co-workers so for something like this to happen, it's just shocking and heartbreaking", says Elaine Hacker, a friend and co-worker of Caroline Kirkpatrick.

Tuesday night, the teenage suspect in the incident turned herself into police. She is charged with 1st degree assault and leaving the scene of an accident/failing to render aid. A judge denied Paris police's request to take her into custody, instead releasing her to her family.

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