Lawmaker: Inmate food problems omitted from prison riot report

Brent Yonts claims lawmakers were not told the real story behind the August 21rst riot at Northpoint Training Center near Danville….until now.

“It was only after push came to shove..and the threat of a legislative subpoena,” Yonts told members of a Ky. House committee Wednesday afternoon.

Yonts says what’s in a newly released report shows anger over food was the root cause of the disturbance that involved hundreds of inmates, destroyed multiple buildings, and injured 16 people.

“It notes that inmates dumped their food…on the floor…..during morning and afternoons on August 21rst,” said Yonts, D-Greenville.

Yonts claims the problems at many prisons is both the quality and quantity of food provided by a private food supplier. And he says that private contract needs to stop…..and that’s the focus of his bill, House Bill 33.

“Inmates are starving,” said Yonts, who also claims that some prison food contains hairballs to human feces.

But the top corrections official disagrees with both Yont’s legislation…and his claims that anything was kept secret about the riot’s cause in the report.

“There was no information held…other than information that had to do with internal operations and security concerns,” Justice and Public Safety Secretary J. Michael Brown told reporters after the committee voted 9 to advancing Yonts’ bill.

Brown admits some inmates complain about food…..but he says they’re not starving.

“When you come into an institution…you’re not going to get what you get on the street,” said Brown.

Brown said that inmate food is bland, with the sugar, salt and fat content reduced.

He said the main reason behind the riot was a lockdown and then a order to limit inmate movement. But Northpoint guard John Geyer claims lack of adequate food leads to bad behavior.

“They have to steal from each other…they causes fights..leading to a lockdown,” said Geyer.

The bill now moves onto the full House.

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