Man rescued from overturned truck in creek

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A man's family says he was run off the road and left to die. 58-year old Vocus Broughton was driving along KY 3438 in Knox county when they say he was run off the narrow road. His truck then overturned into a creek. Broughton's family says the female driver of the other car then took off, leaving him to die.

For about thirty minutes, Broughton lay in his truck, honking the horn and flashing the lights, trying to get someone's attention.

Finally, after hearing his dogs barking, Doug Johnson came outside and saw the truck in the creek.

Johnson and a paramedic who happened to be driving by stayed with Broughton until help arrived. Broughton was rescued and flown to UK hospital.

His daughter Rachel Holt says she is very thankful for Johnson, but wants something done to the woman who left her father to die. Broughton told his daughter at the hospital he saw a woman driving a four door white car leave the scene before his truck went into the creek.

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