Man Charged in Girlfriend's Death Pleaded Not Guilty

Gary Cooper III pleaded not guilty Monday in a Scott County Courtroom.

Copper is facing manslaughter charges in connection to the death of his girlfriend Amber Rachford. Cooper and Rachford crashed in Scott County on Interstate 75 on their way back from a Cincinnati Reds game.

Rachford, a passenger in the car, died in the crash.

Accident investigation reports show Cooper's blood alcohol level was above the legal limit at point 1.2 when they crashed. The legal limit is point 8. An alcohol investigator also determined Cooper was driving at 85 miles per hour.

Cooper says he and Rachford had a few beers at the game, but he doesn't feel alcohol was a factor in the crash. He said he would never intentionally hurt the love of his life, but understands he may have to pay the price of what police say where his actions.

Copper is scheduled to appear in court again next September.

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