Paris Police: Three Suspects Rob Bourbon County Man

Police say a least three men broke into a Bourbon County home on Lilleston Avenue in Paris and robbed him.

Police say when the intruders found the homeowner in his bedroom, they forced him to lay face down on the bed while they robbed his home.

27NEWSFIRST spoke with Paris Police earlier today and they say the suspects seemed just as surprised to find the home owner as he was to see them bust into his bedroom.

One police officer says, "don't think offenders thought anyone was home because the victim and the family were in the process of moving."

We're told the homeowner, Jay Campbell, was moving from 312 Lilleston Avenue while his family was at the new home.

Chief Gray says the suspects most likely saw the moving trucks in recent days and figured no one was there. They broke out a back window, but he's not sure if that's how they got in side.

Luckily Campbell wasn't hurt. The intruders took some electronics and a few other items in the house before they left. Police say they don't believe the homeowner was targeted but instead it was a crime of opportunity that went wrong.

Police say Campbell did get a good description of one of the suspects. He is a white male, with red hair, a crew cut or flat top style hair cut, and stands about 6 feet tall. Police say the second suspect had a mask on and a third suspect was only heard and never seen.

If you know anything about the robbery contact Paris police.

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