Most Kentucky Interstates Will Go To 70 Miles Per Hour

Kentucky drivers will soon be able to step on the gas a little more.

Lawmakers approved an increase to 70 miles an hour earlier this year and the change is about to go into effect.

We now have the list of where the fast lane will be even faster.

For the most part all Kentucky interstates will now be 70 miles per hour except in Lexington, Louisville and Northern Kentucky.

In Fayette County, the speed limit on I-75 will remain 65 miles an hour between the Man O'War exit and the Horse Park Exit. On I-64, it will remain 65 miles an hour from mile marker 74 to mile marker 82.

Nearly all of the Bluegrass Parkway will be 70 miles an hour. The first 43 miles of the Mountain Parkway will be 70 miles an hour.

The change is expected to take place in the next few weeks, as soon as all of the new signs have been installed.

Click on the link below for a list of all of the speed limit changes.

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