IBM Identity Theft Risk

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In February, personal information of current and former IBM employees nationwide was lost, but now some who used to work at the Lexington facility are finding out their identity could be at risk.

On Friday, Phillip McDaniel received this letter from IBM alerting him that his personal information could be in the wrong hands, but McDaniel thought at first it was a scam.

Soon, after doing a little more research and contacting IMB directly, he realized he was indeed at risk.

Some tapes had fallen off the truck of an IBM contractor in route to a storage facility.

No one could ever find the records, so the company has sent out letters to those they have figured could be at risk.

Phillip McDaniel, who worked for IBM for 24 years, isn't pleased with the lack of company's communication.

IBM has offered those who's identities may be at risk a free one year credit monitoring program.

To sign up though, you must provide your personal information again to that company.

Something McDaniel says he just won't do.

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