Lexington residents prepare as they wait for snow to begin

Shoppers were out in full force, grabbing the items they think they'll need in case they get snowed in.

The Kroger on Richmond Road near Man 'O' War has been busy, but shoppers say there are still plenty of staples, like bread and milk.

Folks hoping to top of their gas tank before the storm hit have come across some trouble. The Marathon at Russell Cave and New Circle was out of everything except premium.

Others head to local hardware stores, like Lowe's, hoping to stock up on shovels and salt.

Lowe's officials say they've been stocking up on salt, de-icer, shovels and generators for customer.

The folks who've likely spent the most time getting ready are workers with the Department of Streets and Roads.

"On days like today, when we're anticipating the snow we go over the trucks to make sure they are functioning properly," explained Sam Williams, the director of the department.

Crews are tuning up all the trucks before drivers head out to salt the roads.

"We're anticipating going on twelve hour shifts starting this evening," Williams said. "We'll keep them going until this snow event is through."

Williams says there has been salt and brine on Lexington's roads since Monday