Snow begins falling in Southern Kentucky as folks brace for worst

Southern Kentucky could be hardest hit by the storm and everyone is getting ready for what's to come.

Far southern counties could see between 5" to 7" with higher amounts in localized areas and higher elevations. That's in contrast to the 2" to 5" that could fall in Central Kentucky.

Road workers in Pulaski County say they are ready to tackle whatever falls from the skies.

They prepared this morning by putting snow chains on their tires and loading up on supplies.

Road workers expect to travel some 1,700 miles and work 16 hour shifts to keep roads clear.

The Food Stop in Burnside also stocked up on everything, including chips. As they did that, customers came in looking for a few food items before the storm hit.

In Lincoln County, the demand for snow gear is outweighing supplies.

Salt, shovel and sleds are on backorder at Boone's Hardware and it has put them in a bind.

They still have some supplies and are hoping their supplier can fill the backorder before they run out.

Corbin workers were out pretreating roads, especially dangerous spots, earlier today.

Crews say they have plenty of salt, including some in an extra garage they can pull if they need to.

While workers took a care of roads, residents made sure they had plenty of the medicines they need.

Many flocked to local pharmacy in hopes of filing prescriptions in case they get stuck at home this weekend.

Corbin Independent cancelled classes at 11 a.m. Friday and many businesses have closed before the snow started falling.

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