Boater Still Missing Three Days Into Search

Operations to find Mark Sawyers entered its third day on Tuesday. People say they can't find his body after a boating accident that also injured several people from Indiana. More than 20 people from numerous counties have joined the search.

“At this time the search operation has turned into a a recovery operation,” says Danny Rogers with the Russell County Search and Rescue Center.

But just where the body of Sawyers is remains a mystery.

Officials say Sawyers was in a brand new boat… by himself…about 10:30 Saturday night when something caused his boat to hit another one head on.

“When we actually reached the scene out here the boat was still in motion it was running in circles so we don't know when the body exited the boat,” says Rogers.

Josh Kershaw is among the volunteers trying to survive on two hours of sleep over two his give a family he doesn't least some comfort.

“I want to help the families who can't come out there and do this theirself. I always wanted to do this since I was a kid. I take pride,” says Kershaw.

“All of them are volunteers,” says Russell County Emergency Management Director H.M. Bottom. “They're taking time off their jobs. Some their vacation. There's nothing they get except gasoline and food.”

The irony here is that almost exactly two years ago to the day...these same crews looked for another missing man...Barry Flowers...who disappeared in almost the exact same spot as Sawyers. Flowers’ body didn't turn up for weeks...these crews hope Sawyers is found today.

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