BBB and Attorney General investigating a misleading mail offer

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Misleading is how the Better Business Bureau is labeling this recent mass mailing from a Miami, Florida based company called Home Service.

"It is an offer to sell you water line protection service," says BBB spokesperson Heather Clary.

A type of insurance service, you way or may not want to buy, the problem lies in the way the letter is laid out.

Clary says it has an official appearance as though it were from a utility company.

"This is not a bill it's a solicitation," says Clary.

According to the Attorney General, letters have been sent to many cities in the bluegrass, and the Attorney General is now investigating.

The company, Home Service, has lost its accreditation with the BBB.

The Bureau's office in West Palm Beach is investigating all the complaints.

If you think you've been misled by this company, you are encouraged to get in contact with the West Palm Beach office.

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