Expected wintry weather impacts attendance at All "A" Basketball Tournament

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There are plenty of people who will spend the weekend in Richmond at the All "A" State Basketball Tournament, but there were some fans trying to get home early before the expected wintry weather hit.

While some people were at the All "A" State Basketball Tournament cheering on their favorite teams, some fans took a break from the games.

Owensboro Catholic fans say the predicted snowy weather had an impact on the number of fans they had a today's games.

"I think it hurt some because we had two fan buses that were here last night for both the boys and girls games and the buses went back", says John Wright.

"They didn't get to come back because of the weather I'm sure", says Beverly Carrico.

"It was because of the snow prediction. They don't want to get caught up here", says Lanita Robertson.

"Plus, they had school and didn't cancel so they're having to be there and couldn't make it back up here because of the weather", says John Wright .

As a small crowd of Owensboro Catholic fans competed with a large Lexington Christian Academy crowd during the girls game, ti was clear to see the weather had taken a toll on their attendance with the southern part of the state expected to receive more snow.

Many people were already taking into account not being able to travel home.

"We'd find a hotel if we get snowed in here for at least the weekend", says John Wright.

The Owensboro Catholic girls went on to beat the LCA girls by a last second shot in the final second of the game, so at least for now the wintry weather hitting hard back home is the last thing on their minds as they move forward in the tournament, delaying their travels on the road.

Meanwhile, Berea Baptist Church has set up a shelter for any travelers who get stranded in Madison County.

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