Lexington Native Creates Wire Art

Luke Eldridge is a sculptor, but his favorite medium isn't clay, bronze or steel, it's wire.

Eldridge says he wanted to put his art in the forefront of people's minds.
One of his pieces, a chess set, took him a year to complete.

Eldridge says, "I realized there was just an unlimited amount of potential for subject matter."

His work is being exhibited this month at the Hamburg Barnes and Noble in Lexington where he grew up and developed his love of art.

"I was really grateful to have the teachers I had in high school that really motivated me and pushed me. I've always had art in my life. I just didn't know which medium was going to be the one," Eldridge says.

So Luke now is passionate about encouraging children to express themselves through art. He says it's crucial to development, spacial relations, and for kids that maybe are going through a hard time. He says art is a great mode to express themselves.

Eldridge now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but often travels to Kentucky, New York and Florida.

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