Police: More License Plates Stolen in Lexington Parking Lots

Lexington police say new reports of license plates being stolen are causing major concern. Police say because so many are being stolen, they believe it could be part of a bigger crime.

We're told thieves have been targeting cars in one of the largest parking lots in Lexington. At least a dozen cars have been hit at Fayette Mall, and even more in the past few days.

Shoppers and employees came out to find their license plates ripped off the brackets.

Police say they don't know why they are being stolen, but say it could be to steal gas, or to put on stolen cars.

Not only license plates being stolen from the mall but other parking lot but other shopping areas near the mall.

Police say stealing license plates is a felony and can be punishable for up to 3 years in prison.

Police say if your license plate is stolen; call them immediately and they will clear you for a new one.

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