Investigation continues into Danville church fire

The investigation continues today into a fire that has left a church in ruins.

The fire broke out yesterday at the Church of God of America in Danville.

Our Phil Pendleton has new information on the investigation.

The concern right now is the remains of the Church of God of America
falling into the parking lot of the medical services building.

Firefighters have part of the parking lot roped off.

The sad news is of course that fire gutted this church, but what
may be sadder is that the entire building, this historic structure is
going to have to be torn down, a building that has been here since 1950.

Deputy Chief Woody Ball with the Danville Fire Department says, "one of the parishioners had told me that his father and he were both baptized here. Anytime you have a church fire, it's a terrible tragedy, terrible loss, fortunately no one was hurt."

"I don't know what it would take to rebuild a building like this, we will
want to try to move on. Hopefully rebuild, hope that God will help us and
his people," says Rev. Timothy Napier.

Now the cause of the fire is under investigation, but so far, nothing suspicious at
this point.

Both Kentucky state police and the ATF are investigating the fire.

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