Most Fireworks Actually Illegal in Kentucky

If you're planning to light off some fireworks of your own, here's a warning. There are only a few types of fireworks that are actually legal to set off in Kentucky.
Officials say anything that flies in the air is illegal.
While fireworks and the Fourth of July do go hand in hand, firefighters say you should leave it to the professionals. That's not only because of safety issues, but because we're still in a drought.
There's always a risk of fire with fireworks. But a simple sparkler burns at 1,500 degrees. That means the risk for burns is also high.
Officials say if you disregard the law and shoot off fireworks anyway, you will have to pay if you get caught.
If you're using legal fireworks, like sparklers, here are a few safety tips from firefighters.

1. Make sure you only light fireworks on concrete surfaces.
2. Make sure you always have a water hose nearby.
3. When using sparklers, put them in a bucket of water once they go out.
4. Firefighters say you should not let children under 12 years old use sparklers.

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