Crossing guard hailed a hero for saving lives of woman, child

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A local crossing guard is being hailed a hero today after pushing a woman and child to safety this morning.

James Smith works as a crossing guard at Landsdowne Elementary.

Smith sprang into action this morning when he saw a car coming too fast toward the intersection.

"I could see she wasn't going to stop", Smith said, "so I just started pushing people".

He got the kids and parents to safety but was hit in the hip with the car's side view mirror.

Smith wasn't seriously injured and didn't receive any medical treatment on the scene.

Today, he's grateful he and his charges are safe and sound.

He offered a stern warning to motorists driving through school zones.

"You need to slow down and drive the 25 miles per hour. People fly through here all the time. That's why you've got to watch out for people", James said.

No word on if any charges will be filed against the driver.

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