Parts may arrive as early as today to fix Toyotas

NAGOYA, Japan (AP) - A Toyota executive says there are no
electronic problems in vehicles being recalled in U.S. for a gas
pedal problem.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to
investigate the issue but a Transportation Department official says
there's been no evidence seen yet to support an electronic

The executive, who oversees quality control at the Japanese
automaker, says there's a perception the company was slow in
responding to the gas pedal problem but he says the company made
finding a fix a priority.

The fix will involve the installation of a small steel shim the
size of a postage stamp.

The shims are designed to relieve the friction in the
accelerators that can cause them to get stuck.

Toyota insists the solution has been through rigorous testing
and will solve the problem for the life of the car.

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