Family springs into action following car breakins

They say they were tired of falling victim to crime.

When a couple saw a pair of thieves breaking into cars in their Lexington neighborhood they didn't get scared, they got moving.

The husband and wife team who live on Vanderbilt Drive in Lexington say they didn't want to wait for the police to arrive, so they made a citizens arrest of their own.

Janet Hewlett was watching a movie on her couch with her husband around 1 am, when she heard a loud noise outside.

"I went to the window and told my husband Michael there's two kids breaking into papaws car."

This was not the first time cars had been hit by robbers on Vanderbilt Drive.

So without hesitation Hewlett says she went to her purse, grabbed a bottle of pepper spray, and she and her husband, barefoot ran outside to stop the suspect.

"I opened the door, my husband was behind me, they were right there at the snow pile in front of my house."

She says they yelled at the robber, and he took off running, still trying to open car doors at the same time.

"My husband and I started halfway up the street he turned around and got the dog and the car. I just continued running and called 911."

They chased him a block, to this home, and held him there, until police arrived and arrested him.

The suspect who was arrested has already been released from the Fayette County jail.

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