Crews working to fix pothole problems

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Winter weather is taking a toll on Lexington roads and that can mean bad news for your car, in the form of potholes, they're popping everywhere.

Stacy Ellison tells us how workers are doing their best to rid the roads of those dreaded and dangerous problems.

Take a spin most anywhere in town you'll find one.

Portia Shuttle and everybody is playing dodge the pothole these days as roads show the wear and tear from the winter weather.

Now, city road crews are loading up and heading out with one simple goal, to fix them.

About 50 workers are out and have been all week working to fix potholes throughout the city.

That's a good thing for drivers because hit a pothole the wrong way and it'll cost you.
Jason Weinel, with SS Tire, says "If you don't have roadside assistance then it could run you several hundred dollars. You can blow a tire, bend a rim, even have front end damage."

If you see a pothole, you can call 311 to get crews out there to fix it.

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