A Danville arrest uncovers an alleged plot to commit murder

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When two Sheriff Deputies came to a Danville church parking lot in March, they had little idea of what they were about to get themselves into.

That’s why the sheriff says he teaches his deputies to be ready for anything.

At the Boyle County Sheriff Department, Sheriff Marty Elliott has a saying, when they hear there is a gun involved, they say it’s always good to bring a bigger gun.

23 year old Tad Shelton and 24 year old William Tate are both facing conspiracy to commit murder but it all started with a phone call that someone at Danville Cinema 8 was armed with a gun.

Reports of a car matching the description led to police to the First Church of God where the men involved were allegedly siphoning gas from cars in the parking lot.

Sheriff Elliott says, the two deputies approached the car with assault riffles ready.

He says when the suspects saw that, they put their guns on the car's floorboard.

The men were arrested, but the investigation had just started. In the back on the car police found clues of a bigger plan. A backpack with walkie-talkies and duct tape.

The sheriff says they were planning a trip to the Danville Wendy’s with the intention of robbing and killing the manager.

Sheriff Elliott says the actions of his deputies likely saved a life, saying the two men intended to carry out the murder plot the night they were arrested.

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