UK warns of basketball ticket scam

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The University of Kentucky Athletics Department is reminding all fans to exercise caution when buying tickets to athletics events from a source outside of the UK Ticket Office or Ticketmaster. UK Police say during the last few home games, dozens of people have been scammed.

UK officials say fans have been denied entry at several recent basketball games after unknowingly purchasing altered tickets through third party websites. The tickets are actually student tickets purchased during the student lottery, that have been altered.

"They have been altered with white-out and they're taking the 'Student ID Required' off the ticket and selling them online and the customer gets them and thinks they have a valid ticket. Some have put stickers over the white-out that says 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Valentine's Day'", says Barbara Osborne, a UK Ticket Manager.

Only students can get into the games with the student tickets using their official UK Id's.

As a result of the scams, student tickets will now have a much-larger print so that it will be harder to conceal the 'Student ID Required' print. It should make the ticket more noticeable when covered up to help prevent you from being scammed.

"Words can't even describe how upset I'd be. It's incomprehensible. I feel bad for the people who got a ticket, take their family to the game, and the next thing they know they can't get in because a student ID is required", says UK student Tom Wimsatt.

Unless a ticket is purchased through the UK Ticket Office or Ticketmaster, it cannot be guaranteed to be valid and admission to the event could be denied.

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