Fletcher Works To Get Special Session Back On Track

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Governor Fletcher is trying to set up a meeting with House leaders in an effort to get a special legislative session back on track.

House lawmakers adjourned shortly after the session began yesterday without taking any action. They said Fletcher's decision to call them back to Frankfort was unnecessary and too costly to be justified.

Fletcher says it's clear that the lawmakers are playing politics.

One of the major items on the agenda is passage of financial incentives for Peabody Energy. The company interested in building a three (B) billion-dollar plant to convert coal to synthetic natural gas.

House Speaker Jody Richards said, when they adjourned, that they have no intention of coming back for a session that could cost taxpayers two-and-a-half (M) million dollars to deal with issues that can wait until lawmakers return in January.

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