Ky. House passes texting while driving ban

Many admit texting while driving is dangerous….but some question if there should be a law against it.

“Was that individual texting when she was sitting there, or was she getting ready to or push the green button to answer the telephone,” questioned Rep. Alicia Webb-Edgington, R-Fort Wright, a former state trooper. Edgington brought up what she views as the difficulty in police being able to tell the difference between texting…and talking.

Representative and bill sponsor Jody Richards notes the bills’ mandate to outlaw 16 and 17 year old from using their cell phone at all..while driving.

“24 kids, teenagers, were killed on Kentucky highways with distracted driving,” said Richards, D-Bowling Green.

The bill heard by the House Thursday is a bit different from the one that passed in committee. For example, your car would have to moving to get a citation, and law enforcement would have to prove that their texting would be in their official duty.

Those two changes were made after concerns addressed in the House Transportation Committee last week. Yet some are still not satisfied with the bill.

“Even if it is in their official capacity, texting and driving is four times more dangerous than drunk driving, but we’re still going to allow it under this legislation,’ said Rep. Jim DeCasare, R-Bowling Green.

Keith Hall voted against it in committee but he says an accident just Wednesday night…involving his wife..changed his mind.

“And I’m going to tell you I had a change of heart. Because when a loved one that you love is in this trap, and this happens to you…you will change your heart,” said Hall, D-Phelps.

The bill passed 80 to 16 and now moves on to a Senate committee.

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