Man honored for stopping would-be thieves

He helped save Christmas for many needy children.

A man stopped some thieves some stealing toys from the Catholic Action Center's Christmas Store.

On Thursday, two months later, he was honored for his heroic efforts.

"Some people call me a hero," Walter Payne said. "I would hope that anybody would do the right thing."

The right thing for him was risking his life to save toys for needy children before Christmas.

He stopped some would-be thieves from taking toys from the Catholic Action Center's Christmas Store before the holiday.

The extensive media coverage led Payne to receive a surprise gift of his own Thursday.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet realized he never got paid for a welding project he completed back in 2004, before losing his job.

Thanks to coverage of him stopping the thieves, cabinet officials were able to track him down.

Payne said he'll use the money to buy a car.

He says he'll use the car to search for jobs here in Lexington.

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