On-Time Flight Numbers: How Lexington Fared

Airline passengers are going nowhere fast this summer.

The Federal Aviation Administration has predicted this would be the worst summer ever for flight delays, and so far, that prediction has proven true.

Government numbers show only 78 percent of flights landed within 15 minutes of schedule in May, the worst rate since 1995. Experts say this time, it can not be blamed on the weather.

Airlines say the delays are because the planes are full and the air traffic control system is outdated.

Of the top 20 carriers, United was 15th, followed by Continental, Northwest and American. U.S. Airways finished last with an on-time arrival rate of only 68%. Hawaiian Airlines was number one.

The worst airports are the big congested hubs like Newark, Atlanta, Chicago and JFK, but how does our local bluegrass airport fare?

At Blue Grass Airport, of the top five carriers required to report, Delta and its partners were had the best on time arrival rate with 88%. Northwest and its partners fared at 85%. American and its partners were on time 81% of the time. United and its partners had a 77% on time arrival rate.

Continental and its partners brought up the rear with an on-time arrival rate of only 75%.

Blue Grass Airport actually fared better than the national average with those five carriers we mentioned.

Here are a few recommendations to avoid delays:
1.) Book non-stop flights when available.
2.) Avoid peak travel times and full flights and avoid tight connections.
3.) Consider the size of the airport when accepting minimal connec­tion times.
4.) Respect the carry on limits. Having to gate check baggage may delay a flight unnecessarily.
5.) Bring snacks and a good book to help pass the time.

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