Studies Show Capital Punishment Deters Crime, Prosecutor says

The Fayette County Prosecutor says there is a definite answer to the question, does the death penalty deter others from committing murder?
"The answer is yes, of the last six years it is a deterrant, every execution deters as few as three and as many as 18 murders."
Ray Larson is basing his answer on a study by an economics professor in Colorado.
"the ones done recently have been done by death penalty opponents."
Others, like father Pat Delahanty aren't convinced by the study... he points to statistics to back up his views.
"where there is no penalty murder is lower than the the 38 states that do have the death penalty."
Delahanty says some people are going to commit a crime no matter what the consquence.
"What deters a half drunk, high on cocaine person who needs to buy a hit from walking into a convience store and killing the clerk that doesn't move fast enough.
"You want me to say that someone who goes into a convience store to rob the place is going to be deterred i hope so, are they all"
Since capital punishment was reinstated in Kentucky in 1976, two people have been put to death.