Louisville Police tight lipped on body of youngster found today

Louisville, KY - Louisville Metro Police are not saying whether the body found this morning by sanitation workers in a garbage truck is that of 4-year old Cesar Ivan Aguilar-Cano.

Cano has been missing for several days, but family members they are are "hopeful" their son will be found alive.

Police have set up a command post near the site where the body was found and members of the media are massing in reaction to the reported finding.

Shortly before 7:30 today, two Solid Waste Management employees found the body in their truck partially covered with trash. Police were not sure at the time where the body had been picked up but part of their investigation includes retracing the truck's route.

Police did contact the Cano family to tell them of their finding and investigation. One neighbor said she "had a sinking feeling" when she heard that a body of a small boy had been discovered.

The family had offered a reward for information on the child's whereabouts and neighbors had spent much of the past few days distributing fliers requesting help in finding the missing boy.

Officials have scheduled a late day news conference to release details... and a prayer vigil was scheduled for evening for friends and family to gather in hope and for prayer.

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