Mexican Restaurant in Paris Robbed at Gunpoint

Paris, Ky. - Bourbon County authorities are searching for two suspects, described as Hispanic males, following a late night robbery netting over a thousand dollars from a Mexican restaurant in Paris.

Paris Police Chief Tim Gray told reporters at a morning news conference at his office the robbery occured near closing time at the La Esperanza Restaurant on Main St. in downtown Paris.

Reportedly, two male hispanics came in just before the restaurant was scheduled to close, one brandishing a nickel plated revolver and demanding money. One of the suspects jumped over a counter and struggled with store owner Climaco Galindo punching him in the face as Galindo attempted to take away the gun from the suspect.

Frustrated, the assailant broke away from the struggle and then shoved the cash register to the floor, smashing it open. The assailant and his partner managed to escape with an estimated $12-hundred to $15-hundred dollars. Police say the robbers drove off in a blue four-door sedan.

Police say one of the suspects was wearing a white t-thirt, dark colored pants, white shoes, dark blue ball cap and was wearing sunglasses. The second suspect reportedly was wearing a dark hoodie and brown colored pants. Police say the two tried to avoid surveillance cameras but they were able to clearly see the face of one suspect.

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