Murder victim's father buys billboard space, asking for help solving crime

Regardless of the time it takes or the expense, Jeffrey Price says he’s going to find out who killed his 21 year old son, Kevin.

“You don’t give up. Just try to hold your head up and don’t let this thing kind of drag you down,” said Price, standing in front of the billboard on U.S. Hwy 27 in Somerset, that he’s spending hundreds of dollars on each month. It advertises a message asking for help in solving his son's murder.

He and others are willing to pay even more for the person who provides the final clue in Kevin Price’s murder.

“The reward has got to $21,000, if I’m not mistaken,” he said.

He has fliers being made to put in Pulaski County area storefronts.

Price says he obviously wants the billboard to lead police to the killer, but he also says he wants the Somerset community to remember what happened last November.

That’s when Price was last seen leaving his workplace and then weeks later his burned remains were found on the other side of the county.

“We want to make sure that no one out there forgets that I’ve got a son that’s been murdered. No one is going stop until it’s solved,” Price said.

And once those fliers are made and put in stores, Price says he hopes the killer sees them often.

“And each of them will have to look at those things and know that we’re looking for you and we’re gonna find you, and we will get ya,” he said.

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