Three cows shot to death on Clark County Farm

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An owner finds four of his cattle shot on his Clark County farm, three were killed a fourth will likely have to be put down.

Marshall Watts made the discovery over the weekend, after a neighbor heard gunshots and called police.

Watts says there are roughly 100 cows on the Waterworks Road farm.

Three of those cows were shot to death while another was injured in the leg.

Watts says the loss will cost him about $2,000.00 and it took a lot of work to get the 500 plus pound cows out of the the pen.

The owner says he's offering up $500 of his own money as a reward for an arrest.

The Clark County Sheriff says others have also come forward to increase the reward to a total of $2000.00.

Watts says he'd be happy if he simply got his money back and those responsible never did it again.

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