Scott County prepares for another round of winter storms

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With another round of snow expected later this week, Scott County Roads Department is gearing up to shovel snow.

Looking at the number of overtime hours, the Scott County Roads Department has been just as busy this year as last year. So far this winter, crews have gone on 12 runs, compared to 14 this time last year.

Between 400 and 500 overtime hours have been used so far, similar to last year when the ice storm hit early in 2009.

Though so far this winter the Bluegrass has dodged another ice storm, the multiple winter blasts that have hit the area are starting to add up.

"Whether there's an inch or 6 inches, we run the roads and salt and plow it off so we may not have had much snow as this time last year, but we're still putting in the time," says J.R. Brandenburg, the director for Scott County Roads.

As Brandenburg continues to keep his eye on the next round of storms expected to hit the area this week, the message is the same, don't judge the winter by its cover.

The Roads Department says it won't pre-treat roads until probably Tuesday because salt was still left on the roads from Saturday’s snow.

Considering the amount of salt, fuel and overtime used, each snow event can cost the roads department $10,000 to $11,000.

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