Search underway for man who posed as water company employee

It seems legit at first.

A man shows up at your home, claiming to be a water company employee, who needs to check on your water heater.

But police say this man is actually an impostor. They say he's already tried this scheme on at least one central Kentucky home.

Police say the man was able to get into a home in Georgetown Monday morning. The homeowner thought he was an actual water company employee, because he had on a company uniform.

Police say nothing was stolen from the home, but they're worried he may have been casing it.

They think this case may be connected to a recent car break-in nearby. In that burglary, police say a water company employee's car was broken into. Many things were stolen, including the employee's uniform.

Police say you should always ask to see an ID of anyone who comes to your door, asking to get inside.

Georgetown Police say if you see anyone going door to door in a blue water company uniform, you should immediately call them.

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