House fire kills elderly woman

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An elderly woman is dead after a house fire.

Fire crews got a call a little after noon saying a house owned by 80-year-old Louise Polly was on fire.

When crews put out the flames, Polly’s body was found inside.

Polly was home alone when the fire broke out early Monday afternoon.

“We had the initial fire knocked down in a few minutes,” Brian Burkhart of the Crossroads Fire Department says. “We retrieved the body not long after that.”

One family friend we talked to says she heard about what happened from someone at work.

“I just had to come by and see if it was so and I hated to find out that it was,” Marcia Book says.

Burkhart says it took many crews from other areas to put the fire out.

“We got a good group of people we work with,” Burkhart says. “We initially called for a lot of extra backup and man-power and experience on the scene to deal with this.”

Book says Louise Polly was someone that everyone looked up to.

“She was a very nice person she always dressed real nice and you could tell she carried herself proud,” Book says.

Book says Polly will be terribly missed.

“I’m really saddened by this it's really bad,” Book says. “It's a bad thing to have to go through.”

The cause of the fire is not known.

No foul play is suspected in the death of Louise Polly.

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