Big Blue warning for UK students regarding basketball tickets

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Tonight thousands of UK students lined up for their last chance at tickets this season to watch the Wildcats in Rupp Arena.

Along with the tickets came a warning from UK Police. They're cracking down on altered tickets. Dozens of fans have recently reported buying student tickets that have been tampered with to make them look like regular tickets.

"What they're doing is whiting out where it says Student ID Required and putting stickers over it and selling them online. These tickets are only valid however for students", says Chief Joe Monroe with UK Police.

On Monday night during the student lottery, UK Police Chief Joe Monroe spoke to the students that packed Memorial Coliseum about the ticket scam.

"I highly, highly, highly encourage you not to go out of here and sell it" , he said, referring to the student tickets.

Chief Monroe also let students know the consequences they could face if their tickets end up online and altered.

"If they go out and sell these tickets tonight or tomorrow or whenever before the games, and those tickets were to show up and they've been altered, they may lose their privileges to buy tickets again", says Chief Joe Monroe.

As for those responsible for altering the tickets, Chief Monroe says they will face criminal charges. UK Police are following some leads in this investigation.

They remind you to get your basketball tickets through the UK Ticket Office and Ticketmaster. They say those are the only two valid ways that are recommended for purchasing tickets.

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