Transportation Cabinet To Change Speed Limit Signs

FRANKFORT, Ky- Governor Ernie Fletcher and Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert announce that Tuesday, July 10th, The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s traffic and maintenance crews will be out changing signs to 70miles per hour, weather permitting, along designated interstate and parkway routes.

In March, Governor Ernie Fletcher signed Senate Bill 83 which allows for a speed limit increase on rural interstates and parkways throughout the Commonwealth. The legislation, which requires that an engineering safety study be first completed, provides the Secretary of Transportation with the authority to increase speed limits on select sections of interstates and parkways that are deemed warranted and safe.

Our traffic and maintenance crews will be working diligently to effect these changes in a safe, consistent, and timely manner. The Cabinet anticipates completing this change within one day for interstates and parkways. Emphasis is being placed on quickly changing out the signs in an effort to minimize confusion as much as possible.

At the direction of Secretary Nighbert, changes to existing speed limit signs, were postponed until after the heavily traveled July 4th holiday.

“After thoroughly reviewing the engineering safety studies, we have made the decision to increase the speed limit to 70 MPH on these specified rural interstates and parkways,” stated Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert. “We believe this bill will facilitate the mobility of people and products, which is another plus for Kentucky’s economy.”

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