Man Takes His Cause To Lawmakers, Inspired By Mother's Death

A Kentucky man who blames a medical alert company for his mother's death is taking his cause to Congress.

Jim Tally wants companies like Lifeline to be regulated by the government and he's enlisting the help of Kentucky congressmen.

Tally met Monday with Congressman Ben Chandler. Tally says he hopes this is the first of many meetings with state and federal lawmakers.

Tally says he purchased the Lifeline system for his mother. He says when she ended up having to use it, no one from the company called 911 until well after it was too late.

A heart attack took her life. Now, Tally wants to get the word out and he believes Chandler can help.

Chandler says he will start by setting up a meeting for Tally with the AARP. Tally is expected to travel to Washington, D.C. in the coming weeks.

Tally says he's made several calls to Lifeline, but they have not called him back or commented on this case.

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