Cold Leaves Homeless With Few Options

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The Catholic Action Center is a refuge for many like Roger Martin. Before coming here, he was sleeping in his car. "You go outside, you think it's cold, but try sleeping out there in the teens. I have, and it's cold," Martin said.

Staff members at the shelter say recent weeks have stretched their resources. Many of those served at the center tell us they don't have many other options in terms of where to stay at night, often resorting to sleeping under bridges.

While some at the center say they've been homeless for years, others like Roger Martin have become homeless only in the last few months. He says the change has opened his eyes. "I used to see people that were homeless, and I used to think the same thing as other people, oh they're going to rob me or hurt me, but now that I'm in the environment, it's nothing like that."

Staff members at the center tell 27 Newsfirst, in addition to cash donations, they could really use donations of clothing and cleaning supplies and also people to volunteer their time. If you'd like to help, you can go to their website: